Thursday, July 26, 2012

Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

I am getting married in 7months time and one of the things that we need to prepare is the house where we will live in...initial plan is to rent a house while we are looking for a good house to buy. Buying a house and lot is not a joke and so we need to make sure that we take into consideration all the factors lik affordability, accessibility and quality.

As early as now I am looking for some furnitures that we will be putting in our dream house. I'd love to design our own house so I want to pick the best furnitures available. I've been searching for some good manufacturers and then I found Mandaue Foam who aims to provide very affordable and high quality foam and furniture products to the Filipino people. As I browse their catalogues I had my top 3 great finds:

First thing I searched was our bed...I am a bed person and I love to do my stuffs in my bed. Then I found Astoria Bed with 2 night stand. I love this kind of bed where there's a foamy headboard so I don't need to put pillow whenever I read books or do my online stuffs. Also love to have side drawers where I can put my books, accessories and other stuffs. I love sleeping and this is my best partner for this :-)
Astoria Bed with 2 night stand
Next thing I found was our sofa set. Living room is my next favorite spot of the house, this is where we can watch movies with friends and relatives, it is also the place to receive visitors and do some small gatherings. Of course we need to have the perfect sofa for this spot and then I found Melanie Sofa, when I saw this I was thinking that it was the best sofa for movie nights and bonding moments of the family.

Melanie Sofa
Dining area is also one of the must look good spot, aside to the fact that me and my partner loved to eat, he also love to cook. So when I surf on the dining category of their catalogue I found this simple yet elegant look dining table, Gilmer 6 seater dining set. I just love this wood material and having a foam on the seat makes us even comfortable while enjoying our foods.

Gilmer 6 seater dining set
I still saw lots of nice furniture like cabinets, shoeracks, tv racks etc. Seeing their designs makes me more excited to build and design our dream house. When that day come when I need to buy our furnitures I will definitly choose Mandaue Foam "Your home, your imagination"

See for yourself their latest TV commercial and be amazed with their furnitures. 


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