Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Farewell to our King of Comedy Dolphy!

I was watching a teleserye last night when a breaking news pop up the tv screen and tell the bad new of that hour "Comedy King Dolphy passed away" everybody was shocked on the breaking news of every TV networks, Radio stations and Social networking sites. Although we are hearing lots of news about his critical conditions, many can't still believe that his time has finally come. He died at the age of 83, 8:34pm July10 2012, Makati Med said that cause of his death was multiple organ failure, severe pneumonia and COPD. His remains will be laid at Heritage Park in Taguig City. after hearing this sad news, many of his fans, friends and family rushed to the hospital to show their sympathy and condolences to Quizon Family. Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter was flooded with heart felt messages telling how sad everyone is because a real icon passed away.

He has been in the Showbiz industry for 60 long years, which is really extra ordinary for an artist to achieve. I grew up watching his sitcom "Home along da riles" and knew him as Kevin Cosme. I even watched some movies of him like "Tataynic", "Wanted Perfect Mother" and many more. Many people was touched by his life, for those who knew him, they will say that he remains the same even before he started at showbiz.

He is really a natural comedian, he doesn't need to do green jokes, or humiliate people in order to make people laugh. His kind of comedy is one of a kind, simple punch line from him will definitely make you laugh out loud.

He will definitely be missed by every Filipino and his memories remain. Sad that future generation doesn't have the chance to know him but hopefully the Showbiz industry will not be able to forget all his contributions and continue to introduce him to future generations by airing some of his movies.

Farewell to our King of Comedy, Farewell Tito Dolphy, John Puruntong, Kevin Cosme, Pidol! I'm a bit teary eyed doing this blogpost :(


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