Thursday, August 2, 2012

Flawless chocolates—made even better by Delfi

Who loves chocolates??? I can see all of you raising your hands...hahaha well chocolates are loved by everybody not only bby kids. Why are chocolates so succulently good? Because chocolates, to be very, very good, are supposed to be processed with perfection in mind and thus, there is no room for error. Everyone wants to eat chocolate so it has to be of excellent quality to be truly outstanding.

This is what Delfi, a top chocolate confectionery brand, always bears in mind in the manufacture of their world class-quality chocolates. Through meticulous research, including time-perfected recipes plus safe handling and processing of top-quality raw materials, Delfi is now able to make chocolates as perfect as possible to meet consumers’ discriminating demands.

To make everything perfect, Delfi, brought here in the Philippines by Delfi Foods, Inc., makes sure that the quality of each product that comes out of their factory is really top of the line. All necessary ingredients are infused on its products, like Goya and Knick Knacks, for example, and carefully handled to make them perfect in taste. “Aside from being an art, chocolate making is also a science. Precise timing and temperature of the cocoa is always carefully observed to make that signature Delfi taste in every Goya chocolate,” explains Nilo Chincuanco, General Manager of Delfi Foods, Inc.

With the Delfi Quality Management System in place, plus globally recognized manufacturing standards like ISO 22000, HALAL certification, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) as set by the Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), all products that roll out of its factory are of more-than-adequate quality and free from other food safety hazards in order to protect the consumer.

“The credibility of the brand is at stake here so we cannot let our guards down. We continually find ways, through painstaking research and development efforts, on how to make our chocolates perfectly delicious and yet absolutely safe,” says Chincuanco.

But sometimes good quality chocolates are too expensive...but there's a good news for us chocolate lovers, Delfi is still able to make their Goya products affordable for every Pinoy. “Though affordable, it is no excuse to sacrifice quality and food safety. These two are always on top of our minds and are always in place in the entire manufacturing process,” Chincuanco adds further.

Wanting for that ideal and faultless chocolate? The next time you crave for superb-tasting and extraordinary chocolates, try Goya Chocolates that come in bars, bite sizes, panned, wafers and other products that are a perfect fit to the Filipino chocolate palate and of course, Knick Knacks. These premium-quality and affordable brands are what every chocolate-loving Filipino rightfully deserves—and should not miss.

So head off to the nearest major supermarkets, leading groceries and convenience stores nationwide—and even pharmacies, too, and heartily share those delightfully-tasting Goya and Knick Knacks chocolates with your family and friends. It’s the best way to spend any chocolate day.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Molten counterfeit basketballs confiscated by CIDG

We must admit that counterfeiting is very rampant here in our country, from clothes, bags, shoes, movies etc. I think that this is one of the major problem that our country is facing since then. Although government officials are trying their luck to catch or even trace where the warehouse of this counterfeiters are they are still not be able to stop it. Consumers are patronizing this kind of products because they can get an imitation of their favorite brands at a cheaper price.

Just recently, the Anti-Fraud Commercial Crimes Division of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) seized more than 200 pieces of fake basketballs amounting close to P500,000 from three sports boutiques in Divisoria.

On the strength of a court-issued search and seizure warrant, the CIDG found Mix Sports, Jianwang and Plus Sports commercial stores in Divisoria engaged in marketing and selling imitations of Molten basketball models GL7 and GG7 and were selling these items at the retail prices of the original models.

Molten Molten Representative Atty. Raul Allado explains to media the difference of authentic Molten balls from fake ones in a CIDG-led raid in Divisoria recently.
Poor consumers are being deceived over and over by this kind of business owners who only wants to get profitability and not thinking how it will affect the economy and the market, we wanted to eliminate this kind of businesses and give the consumers the right to have good and quality products.

According to Molten representative Atty. Raul Allado, "the operation signals the beginning of a vigorous campaign by Molten, by and through our government authorities, to rid the market of fake Moltem products which continue to proliferate to the prejudice of the unknowing public."

He also explains the difference of authentic Molten balls from fake ones such as, the skin of a fake ball easily peels off easily and the markings and blacks channel lines are different. Discoloration and change of texture is often observed in fake ball even without heavy usage. Original Molten balls also comes with a 2-year factory warranty and is sold inflated to avoid deformity.

Molten Representative Atty. Raul Allado presents a sample of confiscated Molten basketballs in Divisoria amounting to P500,000
The CIDG submitted the confiscated balls to the Intellectual Property Office for custody pending their presentation as evidence in connection with the cases filed against the owners of said commercial establishments in violation of Republic Act No. 8293 or the Intellectual Property Code.

The Molten GL7 and GG7 genuine leather models are used in the Philippines Basketball Association, International Basketball Federation (FIBA) and in the upcoming 2012 London Olympics.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

I am getting married in 7months time and one of the things that we need to prepare is the house where we will live in...initial plan is to rent a house while we are looking for a good house to buy. Buying a house and lot is not a joke and so we need to make sure that we take into consideration all the factors lik affordability, accessibility and quality.

As early as now I am looking for some furnitures that we will be putting in our dream house. I'd love to design our own house so I want to pick the best furnitures available. I've been searching for some good manufacturers and then I found Mandaue Foam who aims to provide very affordable and high quality foam and furniture products to the Filipino people. As I browse their catalogues I had my top 3 great finds:

First thing I searched was our bed...I am a bed person and I love to do my stuffs in my bed. Then I found Astoria Bed with 2 night stand. I love this kind of bed where there's a foamy headboard so I don't need to put pillow whenever I read books or do my online stuffs. Also love to have side drawers where I can put my books, accessories and other stuffs. I love sleeping and this is my best partner for this :-)
Astoria Bed with 2 night stand
Next thing I found was our sofa set. Living room is my next favorite spot of the house, this is where we can watch movies with friends and relatives, it is also the place to receive visitors and do some small gatherings. Of course we need to have the perfect sofa for this spot and then I found Melanie Sofa, when I saw this I was thinking that it was the best sofa for movie nights and bonding moments of the family.

Melanie Sofa
Dining area is also one of the must look good spot, aside to the fact that me and my partner loved to eat, he also love to cook. So when I surf on the dining category of their catalogue I found this simple yet elegant look dining table, Gilmer 6 seater dining set. I just love this wood material and having a foam on the seat makes us even comfortable while enjoying our foods.

Gilmer 6 seater dining set
I still saw lots of nice furniture like cabinets, shoeracks, tv racks etc. Seeing their designs makes me more excited to build and design our dream house. When that day come when I need to buy our furnitures I will definitly choose Mandaue Foam "Your home, your imagination"

See for yourself their latest TV commercial and be amazed with their furnitures. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Farewell to our King of Comedy Dolphy!

I was watching a teleserye last night when a breaking news pop up the tv screen and tell the bad new of that hour "Comedy King Dolphy passed away" everybody was shocked on the breaking news of every TV networks, Radio stations and Social networking sites. Although we are hearing lots of news about his critical conditions, many can't still believe that his time has finally come. He died at the age of 83, 8:34pm July10 2012, Makati Med said that cause of his death was multiple organ failure, severe pneumonia and COPD. His remains will be laid at Heritage Park in Taguig City. after hearing this sad news, many of his fans, friends and family rushed to the hospital to show their sympathy and condolences to Quizon Family. Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter was flooded with heart felt messages telling how sad everyone is because a real icon passed away.

He has been in the Showbiz industry for 60 long years, which is really extra ordinary for an artist to achieve. I grew up watching his sitcom "Home along da riles" and knew him as Kevin Cosme. I even watched some movies of him like "Tataynic", "Wanted Perfect Mother" and many more. Many people was touched by his life, for those who knew him, they will say that he remains the same even before he started at showbiz.

He is really a natural comedian, he doesn't need to do green jokes, or humiliate people in order to make people laugh. His kind of comedy is one of a kind, simple punch line from him will definitely make you laugh out loud.

He will definitely be missed by every Filipino and his memories remain. Sad that future generation doesn't have the chance to know him but hopefully the Showbiz industry will not be able to forget all his contributions and continue to introduce him to future generations by airing some of his movies.

Farewell to our King of Comedy, Farewell Tito Dolphy, John Puruntong, Kevin Cosme, Pidol! I'm a bit teary eyed doing this blogpost :(

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ready, Get Set, SHOP: Great Northern Sale on July 13-15 st SM City North EDSA

Are you guys ready for another shop till you drop event? I have a good news for all the shopaholics out there. SM City North EDSA will be having their Great Northern Sale on July 13-15, 2012 with up to 70% off discount on selected brands. Yes, you read it right major discounts everywhere you look. Get the most exclusive deals on all brands, stores and dining places only at SM City North EDSA's

Shop and Dine on those days and enjoy the shopping spree with your family and loved ones. I am looking forward to buy some stuffs from some of my favorite boutiques. I'm wondering what items I'm going to buy on that day, well for a hassle free shopping I suggest that you already do a short list of the items that you are planning to buy :-) but sometimes I'm an impulsive buyer so maybe this will not work for me hahahah

Will give you more updates guys so keep on visiting my blog for more exciting updates, or you can also visit their Facebook, Twitter and website for more updates:

So mark you calendars and don't miss the fun!!!

Academy of Rock Concert Launch: Where Great Musicians are Born

It was a night full of music and talents last June 22 at The Rockwell Tent, Academy of Rock (AOR) launched their branch here in the Philippines. It has been operating in Singapore for 5years and its successes and achievenments have exceeded all expectations.

Press conference was held at their studio located at the 3/F Powerplant Mall, Rockwell. AOR's Directors Charles Lim, Priscila Teo and Jeremy Ward answered the questions of the media people. One question asked by a blogger "Why did you choose to open here in the Philippines among any other countries?" Mr. Charles Lim answered that "simply because we know that Filipinos are great singers and really love music, and we believe that they can really go far" that was really a flattering complement for all of us.

Jeremy Ward, Charles Lim and Pricila Teo

Charles Lim and Pricila Teo

The AOR Directors with the events team
After the presscon, we had some cocktail foods and have the chance to tour around the studio. I think they have almost 10 or more studios wherein they can focus and concentrate while teaching their students. Each room has a dedicated lessons, room for guitar lesson, drums lesson and voice lesson. Upon entering the studio you will see rack of magazines and displays of their guitars.

one of the AOR band inside the studio
hallway inside going to the studio, with wall paintings of their concerts
It also has its very own retail department with the AOR MUSIC STORE which will market its own AOR range of instruments. These range of instruments have been carefully selected to cater to the beginners and their quality in construction and finish will prove to be the instrument of choice for any new music prodigy.

This 2012, it has been presented with an opportunity to stretch its arms beyond the shores of Singapore. AOR had the system, the strength and the network of support to share its expertise with the land of musical talents – the Philippines. It is with pride that the latest addition to the AOR family is presented - the Academy Of Rock Phils, Inc.  The successful launch last June 22 was capped with a show which featured Yeng Constantino and Sandwich.
Yheng Constantino
Yheng and Sandwich band
 The launch party was indeed a blast!! If you want your kids to be as talented as the young rockstar today, better hurry and enroll them at AOR, Where Great Musicians are Born!!!

Academy of Rock is located at 3/F Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Makati City.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DJ and Bloggers' Event: Bamboo's new empowering song "Basta't May Plano, Kaya Mo Yan"

Last Friday night, we attended a DJ and Bloggers' event at Seventh High Bonifacio High Street. That was the 2nd time I went to the place. The event was a mini concert of Bamboo introducing his newest empowering song, helping Philam life to encourage every individual to plan their life.

A short presentation was presented by Philam Life representative and after that they already called Bamboo on stage for his empowering performance. The crowd also have the chance to ask questions to Bamboo, and one question came from a little girl, she asked "Why is your name Bamboo?" pretty good question right?  Bamboo answered, he said his parents named him Bamboo because it signifies the characters of a Bamboo, which is strong, resilient, flexible and stable in which we believe that he really possess.

After the question and answer he performed again some of his songs on his new single, and by public demand he sung "Hallelujah" as his finale. The event was fun, the food was great as well. It was my 2nd time to watch Bamboo live since my fiance was one of their front act in one of his concert long time ago. Present also in the event is DJ Gino and DJ Chris Tsuper.

with DJ Chris Tsuper


At the end of the show, we were given some loot bags with t-shirt, USB and CD of Bamboo's song and MTV inside. Bamboo also did autograph signing and picrure taking.

I have a good news for you guys, for those of you who wants to download/listen to the song and mtv of Bamboo for Philam Life, you can visit their site 
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