Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer has ended, Hello Rainy Season!

I can't believe that summer has ended, (though not yet official)  without me going to any beach resort...I am such a looser ;-( This is my first summer ever that has no outing or any summer activities.....what is the meaning of this??? What happened to me? This is not normal....hahaha

Early this morning, I'm hearing rolling of thunder...and when I look outside, my gosh it's pouring outside, so we just decided to have our lunch delivered and eat in the pantry. It's good to rain when you are just at home, lying on your bed, watching movie etc...agree guys? But if you will be going to work, or you have an appointment outside it's really hassle right?
Well  just hope that this year we will not experience some typhoon like Ondoy and other man-killing typhoons. I love it when it rains because it is cold and that's it....hahahaha before when I was a kid I used to play under the rain, me and my playmates are enjoying each raindrops that falls in our body, hmmm I wonder if I can still do that now???? Those were the days.

Be safe everyone, it's slippery when wet!!! Hahahah!!!


Vance Madrid said...

Your post reminds me of what happened to my books during the typhoon Ondoy. It was the time I lost all of my precious books collections: from the hard bound best sellers, comics, magazines i've had since high school down to my paperbacks. It came to a point where I didn't want to read anymore for fear that if I buy books again, it would all be washed off. But when i think about the others, who were not so lucky, those who lost homes & lovedones, I feel better because i only lost books, others lost their lives.
I do hope come rainy season, lives would be spared. And yes, on the contrary, every kid must bath under the rain + a cup of hot choco or coffee + a good book makes rainy days extra special!


nash :-) said...

sad to hear that, but you're right we are still lucky that we don't lost our lives or our loved ones....

I agree with you every kid MUST experience that kind of activity, and adding a cup of hot choco and good books....hhhmmmm I agree with you, it was extra special.

thanks for dropping by Vance, followed you back :-)

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