Wednesday, May 23, 2012

SkinWhite and Nuffnang bring you Snow White and the Huntsman

Kristen Stewart or well known as Bella, star of the phenomenon movie Twilight have an upcoming movie entitled "Snow White and the Huntsmam". Chris Hemsworth (also known as Thor of Avengers) is also part of this movie, so many people are waiting for it, fans of Bella and Thor, I assume :-)

One of the best thing I love with Bella is her beautiful blush white skin. Before I thought that it was impossible for me to have such nice skin as her but when I found out what SkinWhite products can offer I think I can have the same skin as Bella, if not 100% atleast 1/4 of it hahahaha. Who wouldn't want to have that kind of skin that's surely a head-turner, I'm sure all of us would want that right?

know more about Synchrowhite Action from Kim Chiu

It has come to my knowledge that SkinWhite has SYNCHROWHITE ACTION that works in FOUR ways all at the same time, whew, isn't that amazing!!! So how does it work? well SkinWhite product helps WHITENS my skin's surface; it also REDUCES formation of new dark pigments at its source; NOURISHES my skin with Vitamins which is very important for us girls; and last but not the least it PROTECTS my skin against toxins and UV rays, which is really perfect for the summer. If I have that beautiful blush white skin I am pretty sure that it's something that my prince charming can't resist ;-) And to know more about SkinWhite products check on their website at

Watch the BEST KILIG BFF Story on how SkinWhite works!

Have a blush white skin this summer and be one of the lucky girl to win a Canon DLSR to capture those precious moments. Check out their facebook page to know more about their summer promo:


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