Friday, January 27, 2012

California Dream Tour: Katy Perry live in Manila!!!

Hello everyone...I'm really sorry if I've been missing in action for sometime...I really miss you all, well as for my comeback post, I am excited to share my 1st event for the year.

Last Sunday, it was Chinese New Year's eve, but there's another ocassion that keep the MOA a busy and trafic place, because that same day was the concert of Katy Perry. It was the last leg of her California Dream Tour, she chosed Manila as the last country to visit for her tour, she said she saved the best for last, and that was really sweet thing to hear from her.

I really have no plan of watching her concert but surprisingly I got 3 FREE tickets from my sister. It was really fun experience for me and tonzi.

If want to know our full experience of the concert, you can check out my post on this link


Sey said...

Wow Nash you're lucky to get 3 free tickets. Inggit much. Hey we missed you :)

nash :-) said...

thanks sey, i missed you too :-)

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