Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Safi @ AromaPet

Who wouldn't want to have a day of spa and massage??? I personally love going to a massage/spa once in a while, just to pamper myself from stress at when I saw a promo of Aromapet, grooming and dog spa, I immediately purchased the voucher and last Oct 8 we went there.

The promo was 1hour massage for both the pet and its costs P700 and I was able to get it for only P200, not bad right??? So as much as I want to use it I gave it to my Papa, since he's the one always taking care of safi when we were not home, just to say thank you.

The place was nice and neat. Upon entering the room Safi immediately jump over and ran over the place since there are other dogs scheduled for grooming. Safi had his massage session for atleast 20minutes, and Papa had his session for almost 2hrs....hahahah it was really worth it. While we are waiting for Papa, Safi enjoyed playing with the other dogs especially Snoopy, the dog of the owner of the place, who use to entertain their dog visitors :-)


safi's playmate, Snoopy, a Lhatese...mixed breed of maltese and lhasa apso.
Safi and Snoopy tired playing around
This was really a fun experience for Safi. As per Ms. Maricel the owner who massaged him, he was a very sociable and friendly dog, and he submit to Ms. Maricel during the session. After the session, Ms. Maricel is taking pictures of the pets who experienced Pet and Master Day Spa Package.

Papa, me, Safi and Kaye
Thumbs Up Aromapet!!!


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