Saturday, June 25, 2011

Twinings of London: Pure White Tea

Last Wednesday 4am, I received a text message from Air21 saying that my shipment is schedule for deliver today. I was wondering what was that shipment, because I don't expect any shipment from Symantec anymore. So when I reached the office, I asked our purchaser if i still have a pending shipment waiting to be delivered, she said none.
And so I called Air21 to verify the shipment, the one who answered my call told me that it's from AB Food....ok I really don't have an idea...hahahaha so I will just wait for the shipment to be delivered, I was waiting in the office but I had to go because I have a meeting in the afternoon. 

When I got home, I saw the Air21 I immediately opened it to know what's inside. And then I saw a Twinings Pure White Tea...hahahaha where does it came from?? I remember I joined their contest once in their face book fan page, but I don't even remember to check who won the contest, I totally forgot about it, and this is one of their product. Maybe I won a consolation prize that's why I received their product.

Twinings is locally distributed by AB Food, thanks to Ms. Irish Alingcastre who sent the product to me.

Thanks much and more power to you guys!!!


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