Saturday, June 25, 2011

Party like a rock Star at Redbox

Before I finally go home last Tuesday I checked my yahoomail to see if I have some new messages...and to my surprise I saw this email from Red Box telling me that "someone is treating you and 3 friends to a Red Box Parrty" whoaaa!!! I've been to Red Box once and I really enjoyed my time there.

So I opened the email, it doesn't tell me who invited me and sent this email, so I click the image in the body of the email and I'm redirected to Red Box website, I registered and presto a few minutes after I received an email again and it includes the coupon that I need to show to claim my party with 3 of my friends.

Good thing about is that, I can also send this invite to my friends and I tried it to one of my officemate, he then checked his email and then he got it!!!

Because someone treated me, I would like to pass this party forward to my blogger friends and that's you!!! Here's how it goes, comment and leave your email ad on this post so I can send the invite :-) If you aren't following my blog yet, please follow it back before I can send the invite to you :-)

Party, Party!!!!


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