Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Most Noble Profession: Being a MOM!!!

I know it was almost late post, but like they said, "It's better late than never", hahahah so here's my simple tribute to my mom this Mother's day.

First of all I would like to greet all the moms out there a Happy Mother's Day!!! If you would read my Facebook status earlier it was like this "would you agree with me that the most noble profession in the world doesn't require you a degree??? You just need to have passion and patience...why??? because this job doesn't have a salary nor a promotion, it doesn't have a retirement pay either, in fact you can't render your resignation if you don't want it anymore, this is the job of BEING A MOTHER!!!

It's true right, that even if our mom is telling us how tired she was, still she will cook our dinner, wash our clothes, clean our room are some of the things I love about my mom!

1. She cooks so well, I almost forget I'm on a diet when she started cooking :-)

2. She is so caring. even if she's tired of her work, she still finds time to attend to our needs.

3. She is a quiet type of person, but once you get to know her, you'll see how smart she is.

There's no words that can best describe how wonderful my mom is, though I admit I'm not that kind of daughter that will hug and kiss her anytime or say I love you everyday, but truly I want to tell the whole wide world how I love my Mom!!!

Happy Mother's Day Mama!!! We love you!!


mayen said...

happy mother's day to you're mom. I love tour status on fb, so true! I also don't say i love you to my mom everyday, i also don't kiss her and hug her but i try to make her feel i love her by kind gestures. :)

nash :-) said...

hi mayen, sorry for super late reply...hahaha

pareho pala tayo hindi showy :-)

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