Friday, April 29, 2011

Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun!

Whew!!! It is soooooooooooooo hot!!!! That's the phrase that you will hear from every person today...and I agree with them it is really really hot. Before when I was still studying, I really love summer, coz it's time for a vacation!!! Wohooo...but now that I am working I hardly feel the "summer vacation" *sigh* 

I know I've been missing in action in the blogsphere this past few weeks, you might ask where I might have been...well, well, well.....let me share with you some of the happenings this month of April.

The first 2 weeks of April we went to Antipolo Church (April 3) and Manaoag Church (April 9) in Pangasinan, I'm with my family and relatives, we have our car blessed on both churches :-) It was nice but of course a hot one! We had some bonding moments with my cousins, and we were also able to visit our Lolo and Lola in Nueva Ecija after our road trip to Pangasinan, after 4 long hours of drive, we decided to sleep over at our Lolo's house, since it is past 9pm already...hahaha it was so tiring!
car blessing at Antipolo church
we ate @ Romeo's at Antipolo
at Manaoag Church
us with Lolo and Lola at Nueva Ecija
Then the next weekend I attended a dedication of my fiance's niece Laveena :-) it was a simple celebration, dedication was held at Cathedral of Praise Shaw, and reception follows at Max's restaurant. Another godchildren...hahaha I have lots already!
baby Laveena's dedication
Tonzi's family :-)
Happenings are not yet over, last April 18, we went to the birthday party celebration of Alakim, it was really fun, we really didn't expect that many can come because it's a Monday...the special guests were all awesome on their performances...Can you imagine we finished at 3am and I still managed to go to work that same day, gosh, I can't believe how I made myself awake that day...hahaha

Alakim's birthday party show
Finally it's Holy Week, I'm really looking forward going to a beach or resort and it happened however I was not really happy with the place we went, the beach was ok as usual but the rooms we stayed in is ugly...yeah it is very ugly, good thing my sister saw a vacant room, so she immediately asked the personnel if we can transfer to that room, then they said that it is a private room, my sister get mad and told the personnel that we travel all the way from Manila and this is what we are getting, an ugly the personnel immediately transfer us to the private room...hahahah
Kaye and Kris (my sisters)
safi enjoying the view...cutenesss!!
Ooopppss last but not the least, April 23, Tonzi's family went to Gardenville Resort in Binangonan, of course I go with them, hahaha since I didn't enjoyed the beach in Zambales I'll make it up this time around at the resort. Eventually, what do you expect, of course there were soooo many people in the swimming pool that you can hardly swim straight....hahaha but I enjoyed it anyways.
josh, me and arliza

hahaha see what I mean??
time to go home
Sorry for making this post too long for you guys, I'm thinking of making one post each but I'm lazy to do it...hahaha so please bear with me....I miss blogging and I miss you guys....more swimming to come!!!


Sey said...

Wow that was load of fun. I have tons of godchildren too. Poor me every Christmas,...(you know what I mean...LOL)

I was like, whaaaaaaaaaaaat? with the crowded swimming pool. Never seen one so crowded like that! hahaha!

I'm glad you have a fun filled 2 weeks.

Anonymous said...

long time no post..

crowded ang pool..hehe!

nash :-) said...

Sey - yeah I know what you mean, poor din ako kpg pasko...hahaha masaya lang ang bata :-)

hahahaha mee too, I didn't expect na gnun kadami ang tao sa pool...hahaha lublob ahon na lang nagawa namin...hahahah

mommy razz - uu nga po eh long time no post...hehehe busy po eh...korek crowded po tlga hahahah

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