Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Ya-Ya Name

While I am doing EC dropping today, I visited this blog and was curious with her post entitled My Ya-Ya Name, I don't really knew what it means, so I read on and found out that they are going to a cruise and she needs to have a princess name. And so her friend typed her name @ Ya-Ya Name Generator and her Ya-Ya name was Princess Because-I-Said-So...hahaha I find it cute also.

Upon reading on the comments, many have tried to find out what's their Princess or Prince name, some are weird names...because of curiosity I tried what will be my Ya-Ya name....and my Ya-Ya Name is Empress Road Rage...hmmm I love it!!

If you want to check your Ya-Ya name, find it here. Different spelling of your name gives different results, choose whatever name you want, you can use it as your nickname on the blogsphere or if you are going to attend a grand ball or anything...

Just for fun, what's your Ya-Ya Name???


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