Friday, March 4, 2011

Be on Time with SINIX!!!

As the saying goes "Time is Gold", most of the Filipinos have issues on being punctual...hahaha I think I am included on that before, but now I tried my best to be punctual as much as possible :-) We even accepted that when we say Filipino time it means that it's late...have we ever think of changing that culture??? I think it's up to the individual if he/she wants to be on time or not. It's how we DISCIPLINE ourselves, agree??

Well aside of being late, some Filipinos are into collecting clocks or watches. Some collects cuckoo clock other likes the vintage grandfather clock, most of the young professionals are collecting branded wrist watches which value is almost half of their earning...hahaha imagine your watch is worth one family's 1week's true, some rich guys are able to buy such expensive watches or wall clocks.

I was curious then who are the manufacturers of those World Class Wall Clock and I found one manufacturer named SINIX Corp, they are known to be specialized wall clock manufacturer although they are just 13yrs old in the business they are now popular in making Cuckoo clocks which are distributed around the world.

SINIX Corp manufacture various types of clock from the old style grandfather clock to small wall and digital clocks, they usually produce more than 300 varieties of clocks, wow that was amazing, imagine you can see 300 different designs and looks of a clock. They even made waterproof wall clocks which can be hung in saunas and swimming pools. Below is just one Cuckoo clock design from them, isn't it cool???

SINIX World Class Wall Clock
I've learned that this Cuckoo clock is made of wooden case and Poly urethane carvings. some of its functions includes:
  • Every hour cuckoo or doll alarms with melody, auto night shut off
  • can change volume control from Off, Low and Hi
  • quartz movement
If you wish to have cuckoo clock just like the picture above feel free to visit their site at and inquire with their friendly and approachable sales persons.

Have a great TIME!!!


VanZone said...

hey tats nice but how did you do it

Anonymous said...

really cute cuckoo, Ive always wanted one for our ancestral home in San Jose.

sarah said...

hi girl:) nice watch. pacomment din sa post ku ha:)

nash :-) said...

VanZone - how did I do what? tnx for visitng.

Chrismakessense - tnx, we all want this cute cuckoo clock :-)

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