Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nueva Ecija, here we come!

Today we're gonna go to our province, Nueva Ecija because it's our grandmother's birthday. While waiting for them to get ready I decided to open my Dell because I am still under 1day unlimited surfing of Globe and it will expire later at 11am I think.

We don't use to see each other very often because it's 3hrs drive from Manila. We just see to it that we go there when there's an occasion or celebrations. She's my Papa's mother and on their side I think we have 40 cousins all in all...hahaha the more the merrier, Papa have 11 siblings that's why we have sooo many cousins, whenever there are celebrations it looks like a feast....hahahah very true, it's like a big party.

Okay, think they are ready, be right back in the evening, will try to share some pics later :-) Bye have a blessed Sunday everyone!!


Pinoy Adventurista said...

I haven't been there... anu po ba mga tourist attractions sa Nueva Ecija?

nash :-) said...

hello, thanks for visting my blog, actually sa Nueva Ecija kasi more on rice fields sya, wla sya masyado tourist attractions :-)

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