Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Labor in the Lord is not in Vain!!!

Last November my boss evaluated my performance, and I am so thankful that he saw potential in me despite of the mistakes and short comings I have. I am so blessed right now with my Consumer family, that's what we call our group :-)

Yesterday was just an ordinary Tuesday for me until my boss called me around 4 in the afternoon. I thought that he will just ask something about my sales/numbers...surprisingly when I reached his cubicle I saw a paper (white and green), usually if there's a green copy it's a contract or an appraisal letter. So I have a hint of what it is.

So what's the good news??? I AM PROMOTED!!! Wootwoot, from my current position of Product Specialist I am now a Senior Product Specialist! He asked me first how much is my current basic pay and I said it's ***** hahaha sorry I can't disclose it here, then he showed me my new salary it's now *****, same number of digit though but every centavo is a big thing fo me, so all I uttered was THANK YOU with a big smile on my face...and I signed the appraisal letter.

It's a testimony that if you are serving the Lord you can be sure that your labor is not in vain, whatever it takes, in any form, at His perfect time, I know that He will reward His faithful servants. So I will forever serve the Lord.


Sey said...

Wow! Congratulations! You're right, every centavo counts. There's nothing impossible with the LORD! btw, thanks for following :) Have a great day!

sarah said...

woot! congratulations!

nash :-) said...

thanks Sey and Sarj!

To God be the glory!

air said...

congrats sis, actually most factor for a promotion is your attitude towards your works and not the result most of your work

visiting thru fb please vsit mine too:

nash :-) said...

hi air - yup I agree with you :-)

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