Sunday, March 6, 2011

Learning Dreamweaver and HTML!!!

During my college days we had some programming lessons but honestly I didn't take it so seriously...hahahaha I don't know why but I am just not into "coding". But now I am part of the IT ministry of our church and part of it is to build the website of our church.

Today I am with my co-leaders and one of them is teaching us how to make websites by using HTML and Dreamweaver....wooohooo I am so amazed as I try to make a simple HTML...hahaha felt like I'm back to grade 1 on this lesson, coz I'm not using it om my present job.

Good thing Ketket is teaching us the basic coding, thanks Ketket :-) I'm so excited on the next lessons I'm gonna learn on dreamweaver but first I need to have an installer...hahahaha This will be useful also on my blogging career, when I need to do my own website in the future.


Sey said...

good for you! hope you could do more templates in the future.

nash :-) said...

hi sey, thanks, hopefully...hahaha I'm just new in HTML and Dreamweaver....

appreciate your time visiting on my blog...hope to see you again on my future might also have time to visit my other blog

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