Friday, March 11, 2011

Cute Bible!

Last Wednesday, me and my fiance went at On Stage at Greenbelt to attend midweek service, while waiting outside the theater, there are some books on sale so I check out some of it and saw some books about leadership, relationships, spiritual life etc. Then I saw this Bible that captured my attention, I am really planning to buy a new bible c0z my old one is really "old" and I gave it already to my sister. 

Because it is quite expensive I was thinking if I'm going to buy it now or I will wait for the payday before I buy it. The service was about to start and I still can't decide...hahaha I'm so sanguine, indecisive at times :-) During the service I can't help but ask my fiance if I'm going to buy it or not, hahaha good thing he didn't lose his patience on me asking him again and again :-) So before we go home finally I've decided to buy it...hahaha at last! 

This bible is so cute, wanna see how it looks like?? Okay let me share some pics of my new bible :-)

isn't it cute?

its cover is leather
me and my new bible :-)
So what do you think? Isn't it cute? hahaha but of course what important is not the design but the content of it, it's the first bible that I bought, my old one was a gift and it lasts for how many years and now I am happy that I bought this one :-)


Sandee said...

I think it's cute too. Way cute.

Have a terrific day. :)

Sey said...

I am thinking that this is a coincidence. I acquired my first bible as a gift too. Then I gave it to my niece who needs it for her organization. I saw that kind of bible from PCBS, and I am planning to buy one too, though expensive, it's DEFINITELY WORTH IT.

Yours is cute, the color and the design are awesome. But you're right what is important is the content.

btw, I tried to comment on your other blog, however I cannot enter the captcha word because the word where it should be written was somehow blocked by the advertisement. I guess it's my browser. I'll try with firefox. hahaha

this is too long. Have a great weekend! God bless.

mayen said...

hi, i'm a new follower, I saw you from sey. i checked you page and i like it.

I am also planning to buy a new bible and I also want something different. yours is great. But just like you said what's important is the content.

Anyway, I tried to comment on your other blog but i cannot key in verification code because the advertisement is blocking the space where i suppose to type the code. anyway, take care and i hope you won that bora raffle. :)

nash :-) said...

@sandee - tnx for visiting my blog

@sey - hahaha coincidence nga yata :-) buy one like mine, sb ng isang friend ko may nakita sya na murang ganitong style sa powerbooks P700 lang, mine was P950...hahaha sayang :-)btw pls try to comment on my other blog and check if you can already post a comment I've removed the word verification

@mayen - hello, tnx for following, will visit and follow you ka na din ng new bible :-) ikaw din po, pls check if makacomment na po ikaw.

tnx for the feedback :-) Happy Sunday!

Sey said...

Hi Nash, I just want to let you know I gave you an award :)You can check it out on the link below:

nash :-) said...

wow thanks for the award Sey, so nice of you :-)

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