Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another win from PostNJoy

Last March 11, another opps from Postnjoy has ended, and so I was excited to check whether I win or not. When I opened my account I didn't see any notifications that my post was chosen. I told myself maybe they are not yet done screening on the entries because it is still March 11.

Then the next day I tried to checked again, and unfortunately there's still no notification. I saw one post from my friend that her post was chosen again and she received another prize. So I concluded that I am really not chosen, I'm quite sad but I said to myself that there are many opportunities that I can join to and might win the 1st prize :-)

Without any hope left, I checked again my account just to see if there's a new opps that I can do a post. To my surprise, I saw a notification on my dashboard, I really can't believe that I won again, for the 2nd time around!!! Yehey!!! 

 I really thank God for this another blessing He has given me. He is my provider!!!


Sey said...

Yay! Congratulations. Hmmm, seems like I want to try it but gonna figure out how things work.

dadedidhodong said...

Same here Sey. I wanna try it also and congrats Nash!

nash :-) said...

Sey and dadedidhodong it's easy, I'm sure you can learn it fast...just visit their website

thanks :-)

Cla said...

wow! congrats :) praying for that too... :) hehe

mayen said...

congrats, you're so lucky nash. :)

nash :-) said...

cla- hahaha just keep on joining ;-)
mayen - thanks po, nakatsamba nanaman...hahahah

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