Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yes! Ready for Adsense!

Blogging is not only a form of hobby, for some people blogging is income generator at the same time. And one of the basic tool to monetize your blog is to have an Adsense account, once your blog is approved by Google, they will now post some Google Ads in you blog wherein you can earn $$$ from clicks. Because of that I tried to create an account with Adsense but I was rejected several times, I was really worried that my blog will not be approved ever. This case I will loose the chance of earning extra income by the use of Google Ads. So I asked, Sarah, my blogger friend on what do I need to do to get approved, she told me to hide my other sponsored review on my home page because Google doesn't want to see so many links on every blog, and so I did it, made another page for the sponsored ads. Still I haven't received any confirmations from Google.

I was left with no hope and expectations that my blog will be approved one of these days, until I logged in yesterday, after going to the bridal fair, I went to SM Foodcourt to access FREE WiFi...hahaha yes I brought my laptop with me :-) I will just check my email if I have some new task from Blogsvertise, upon scrolling down the cursor, to my surprise I saw an email from Google Adsense, I immediately opened the email and read what's on it. My application has been approved it says, "Congratulations, Your Google AdSense application has been approved. You'll soon begin to see relevant Google ads appear on" Wohooo at last after a long wait, finally Google approved my application and now my blogs are enable for Google ads.

I told my honey about the approval, he was very happy for me. I asked him a favor, I asked him if he could go to my site and click any of the Google ads on it, so he did and right now I have an estimated earning of $1.48...hahaha small for now but I assure you time will come that I will be earning $$$ even if I'm sleeping.

I immediately shared the good news to my blogger friend and I found out that her blog was approved too...what a nice day, both of us are not expecting the approval to come one of these days but God surprised us...another favor from the Lord. Truly our Lord is Lord of surprises, He knows the right timing to give the desires of our hearts...thank you so much Lord for all the blessings that I am receiving.


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