Friday, February 25, 2011

Keep It Safe!

I remember when I was in college, we use to have so many books from our subjects from minor to major one. During those time I wish I had a locker where I can keep my things safe. Sometimes it was so hard to carry every single book for all my subject the whole day, and worse thing was when its PE day, I need to bring my rubber shoes, PE uniform etc. If only I have a locker I can go there every after class to get the only thing that I need for that particular subject.

For some jobs like call center or hospitals where they have night shift it's important for the employees to have  an employee lockers where they can keep their personal belongings like cellphones, wallet and other gadgets they have. This way they can be sure that when they are working they have a safe place where to keep their valuable things.

Metal lockers are the most common type of locker used in schools, office, gyms etc. offers wide variety of lockers, from simple to fabulous kind of locker. I can say that lockers are really important equipment so we have a place for our valuable things to keep it safe.


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