Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I so love blogging!!!

During weekends what I usually do is to sit on my bed and think of anything that I can write on my blog. It became my weekend hobby already, oh well even in weekdays I see to it that I have time to do some post on my two blogs, anything that happened to me on that day or week.

Also I love to browse some interior designs for houses. Since I am preparing for the BIG day I sometimes look for some affordable houses in the internet and search for some interior designs which I can copy, because I don't have money to hire an interior designer...hahaha. Of course part of the interiors are the furniture to be used such as sectional couches, lift top coffee table, cabinets or racks, lights and lamps for the bedroom, dining area or living room. Speaking of lamps, on of the best brand that you can consider is Candice Olson which you can choose from a simple table lamps to a fabulous chandeliers.

I also find it cool if your bedrooms have some themed wallpapers....hahaha just like your cellphone that has a theme, you might want to try zebra wallpaper, sky wallpaper, garden wallpaper, cartoon character wallpaper etc. I'm so excited to design our own home in the future, I will experiment and practice my creativity on that. Blogging is such an amazing hobby, because I can learn new things every time I browse the internet. 

I so love blogging!!!


Kayce said...

same here sis! hehehe... i enjoyed blogging talaga super! ;)

nash :-) said...

hi sis, thanks for dropping by...uu as in enjoy talaga...buti nga ikaw eh ang dami mo ng followers and ang dami mo ng napanalunan na contest :-) sana ako din sa future...hahaha

Bobur said...

Interesting post, thanks for sharing.

Burton Rucksack said...

Blogging is very funny. Go ahead.

nash :-) said...

@Bobur - thanks for dropping by...hope you'll come back :-)

@Burton - yeah I agree very fun, thanks for dropping by...see you next time on my other post :-)

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