Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Message: Love in Action

This morning in our worship service, the message of our pastor, Ptra. Cheche Tomagan was all about "Love in Action", because this month is a love month she made her sermon related to the theme "Jesus, I love you so much". The main passage of her sermon was found in Luke 10:38-42; John 11:17-35 and John 12:1-8.

The message tells us that the best way we can demonstrate or show our love to someone is to put it into action, so how can we demonstrate our love to Jesus.? We can demonstrate our love to Jesus by:

1. Giving our TIME (Luke 10:38-42). We must see to it that we have our prime time with the Lord. We must not only be busy with His kingdom but we must be busy with the King at the same time. Having a quiet time with the Lord is a need to us Christians. If we are giving our time to the Lord then He will definitely feel how much we love Him.

2. Giving our FAITH and HOPE in Him (John 11:17-35). Another way we can demonstrate our love to Him is to give our Hope and Faith to the Lord. Whatever problems or test we are facing right now, we must entrust it to the Lord because He will give all our needs and He will help us to surpass and to conquer all our trials. Again we just need to put our Faith and Hope to God.

3. Giving PRECIOUS THING for the Lord (John 12:1-8). Lastly we must offer the Lord the most precious thing that we possess if He asks for it. We must not hold back the material things that we have so we can follow Him. when we do this with all our hearts then the Lord will see how genuine our love for Him.

Be blessed everyone! Happy Sunday!


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