Saturday, February 12, 2011

Book Review: Jungle Warfare - A Basic Field Manual for Christian in Sales by Christopher A. Cunningham

Life in sales is such a challenging life, everyday you need to make sure that you will reach your target. On the other hand being a Christian is a different story, so we might ask how can we be a Christian in the field of sales? Upon browsing the available books from Booksneeze I saw the book written by Christopher Cunningham entitled "Jungle Warfare: A Basic Field Manual for Christians in Sales" upon seeing this, I didn't have a second thought of requesting this book because I knew that this is the book that I need being a Christian and a Sales person at the same time.

As the title says "Basic Manual" it gives the reader a 22-day power-packed battle plan but not in the literal battle field or war, but instead a basic manual in the field of sales and not compromising your beliefs as a Christian. Chunningham's grandfather was a volunteer of the US Army, and while in the service he made a basic manual on how he can survive the life in the jungle and in the battle. This manual was the guide of Cunningham in writing this book, he relates all the battle plan of his grandfather in the field of sales and at the same time in his Christian life.

This book gives the reader a 22 day battle plan in which they can write their own reflection and prayer request on a daily basis. It also have a verse to ponder and a prayer to utter everyday. This really helped me because I can apply the principles enumerated in the book, also it made me realize that in every battle there's always a way to win it all while you are still living the life of a Christian. Like in sales I have so many competitors in the market and this book thought me how to be more competitive in a Christian way. Sometimes we tend to compromise our belief for the sake of our profession, it is only one of the many problems of the professional Christians out there, they don't know how to be professional at the same time to be a Christ's ambassador.

After the 22 day plan, at the back of the book there are some situations or scenarios that we are experiencing everyday such as "What if my customer don't like me?" or sometimes I might ask myself "Does God care about my target/number?" this book answers all my questions in a biblical manner, again a verse is given in every situation. This book will definitely teach you how you will respond on each circumstances that you might face on your everyday journey.

I am really thankful that I found this kind of book at Booksneeze and they gave a copy for free. I highly recommend this book to my Christians friends who are also in the field of sales like me. This book will be my everyday manual in dealing with everyday challenge in my career being a sales person. Thank God for He is really flexible in meeting our need. I think this book can also be used as a manual in our daily battle called Life. God is talking to me through this book, He is my big boss.


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