Friday, January 21, 2011

Why some people are like that????

This past few days, I found myself asking the question "Why some people are like that??" It's as if they own the whole world...duh!! It's really irritating to see those kinds of people. Those people who doesn't even care of the people around them. Those people who wants to have it all. Those people who always want to play the lead role. Those people who are selfish, self centered etc whatever you call it. I really hate them and I'm sure you also do...hahahaha.

One example is that, everyday when I go to work I used to ride a train, given that there's a portion that's only for female passengers, my friend's friend who is also riding the train is pregnant, can you imagine that in everyday that we ride the train, nobody as in NOBODY is trying to offer a seat for her, knowing and seeing that she's pregnant...huh! What kind of people are they??? Well I am not saying that I am a very kind and perfect individual, like what the picture is telling "We are all self-centered, it's the radius that matters" we just have to be considerate once in a while. Another example is that an individual demanding something that will only benefit them and not thinking the effect on the people around them...well those are just some example, it's sad to accept that there are really people who can pretend not to see people who are in need.

But I still believe that there are still good Samaritans out there, thank God, who are always willing to lend their both hands for help...and I salute them. I remember the movie "Pay It Forward" wherein if someone did a good deed to you you have to pass it on to other people by also doing a good deed to them, if that will happen I'm sure that this is the best place to live in. I can't change people I know, I just can't help it, I just want to express my opinions about them...hahaha I just hope that when time comes they need help there's a good Samaritan near them ready to help them up.

Have a good night sleep my beloved readers :-)


fham tende said...

I really hate those people who doesn't really care! Maybe they just don't have a heart to care!

nash :-) said...

yeah me too...maybe you are correct...well we just have to deal with them :-)

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