Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our so called "Virtual Bonding"

Since Tito Jim and his family left to go back to California we felt like the time was really not enough to catch up on each others' stories....everybody were so sad to see them leaving, when we dropped  them to the airport we can't help ourselves to cry because we don't know when are going to see each other again, maybe another 5 or 8 or 10 years from now, I don't know.

So we started to communicate thru Facebook, upon looking on the pictures during their vacation, we are laughing and reminiscing the moments when they were here. If before we just chat to say hi and a little chit chat then bye, now we were like talking to yahoo messenger everyday and a lots of stories to tell....then one night Matthew asked me if I have a Skype account, unfortunately I don't have, so I created an account and there you go we were video chatting....much fun than regular chatting coz we see each other while talking. Then Ina knew that we were video chatting thru Skype and she wanna join us, unfortunately we can't do conference video call on Skype....good thing Matt know one application that is capable of video conference it's called Tokbox. So we all logged in and there we were like in one house talking to each other.
We are doing it for almost a week now, everyday we used to talk thru Skype or Tokbox, in this way missing each other will be lessen a little bit because we can just go online and talk to them and see them as well. Here are some snap shots of our virtual bonding.


sarah said...

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nash :-) said...

ah tlga...cge ttry ko, sana mkpgstart na din ako :-) thanks sarj! God bless, nga pala nareceived ko na yung book from book sneeze i'm reading it na.

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