Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Monetize your blog with PostNjoy

They always say that "Money Matters" and I do believe on that, now a days we really need to be practical. We need to maximize every resources that we have to earn money to be able to buy what we want or to provide our every needs. If I am going to ask "Who wants to earn extra income?" I am sure all of you will raise your hand, right?

Good thing there's a modern way of earning money without even leaving the comfort of your home, isn't it nice? You can earn money while you are at home having a coffee or tea, who wouldn't want that? For a junior blogger like me, I am still in the stage of looking for ways on how I can make money from blog, of course that's one of my purpose why I made a blog, aside from just expressing my ideas and enhancing my writing skills. And I am so thankful I've found a great yet easy way to monetize my blog. PostNjoy was one of the BEST way to monetize your blog.

Let me show you how it works, look at the image below. It's easy as ABC isn't it?
PostNjoy, monetize your blog 
Now, all you have to do is go to and create your own account, once you're done you can start joining contests of your interest and earn extra money. In this way you can monetize even your simplest post.

Happy Blogging everyone!!!


fham tende said...

Sounds great! Your information is very helpful! I will try this one!

nash :-) said...

thanks fham, nice to meet you here in blogsphere :-)

fyhmd said...

Is PostNJoy still operational up to now?

nash :-) said...

hi fyhmd, right now there's no contest available in postnjoy, hopefully they will be back soon

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