Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yehey!!! My 1st earning on blogging

This past few days I've been very busy browsing the internet to look for ways on how I can monetize my blog. I've created accounts and joined contests left and right. Last Jan 19, I joined a contest on PostNjoy on how to monetize my blog.

I totally forgot to check what was the result until I saw Sarj's post on her Facebook, she was the one who encourage me to join the contest, she said she won $50 from Postnjoy. I congratulate her, at the back of my mind I said how lucky she was to be one of the winner and chosen post. So I decided to check my postNjoy account to check who are the other winners. And to my surprise, I saw on my dashboard that I've earned $8!!! Yahooo!!! My post was also chosen by PostNjoy as one of the winner who will get $8. I was so happy because this was my 1st earning from blogging. I am wishing to be one of the winner but really I am not expecting it, because there were so many blogger who joined the contest and knowing that they've been into this field for a long time. I am so blessed that PostNjoy have chosen my post. Thank you PostNjoy, this post is not a requirement of postnjoy, I just really want to express my gratitude to the team for choosing my post!

Finally, I've made one step forward to monetizing my blog. It was indeed a blessing, thank you Lord!


fham tende said...

congratulations! I hope I can earn also in blogging just like you!

nash :-) said...

hi fham, thanks for dropping can do it also :-) ako nga ngsstart pa lang din...hehehe punti unti lang...

please follow my blog so i can also follow yours

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