Friday, December 24, 2010

Our newest baby....Baby Safi

When I got home earlier I saw my youngest sister Kris combing a little cute puppy...and so I asked whose puppy is that? She said it's ours, my other sister Kaye bought it. I asked what is the puppy's name, she said  the name is Safari of the Twiler....weird name right, we were not the one who gave that name...the one who sell it to Kaye was the one who gave that name...since the name is so long we gave him a nickname "Safi". This is the first time we had a puppy and its a Shitzu. Everyone was excited to play with Safi, he's like a baby who likes to be cuddled and carried...

It is so cute when we took photos of him, he was like a stuff toy at some pictures. Let me share with you some of his cute pictures :-)

meet baby Safi


baby safi on his cute pose
Safi with Kaye

Safi with Papa 
  See how cute he last we have a new baby at home who can relieve us from stress :-)


ChampDog said...

So cute... :) I wish to have her!

nash :-) said...

hi champdog, yeah so cute but he's a he...hahaha he pose like a girl right...i knew it :-)

dadedidhodong said...

i like the first picture, as if he was posing on the in front of the camera :D

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