Friday, December 31, 2010

a blissful post-Christmas celebration

Belated Merry Christmas everyone...hope you have a great one just like me...well this year's Chrsitmas season was really one of the best Christmas I ever have...why? Because our family is I have mentioned on my earlier post, our relatives from the states went home to be with us. They celebrated Christmas in Pampanga with Tita Anabel's relatives and will celebrate New Year with us.

So after Christmas, we headed to Pampanga to hang out with their other cousins and was really fun, all we did is to eat again...we spent the night there and early in the morning we already went to Subic to go to the resort.

When we reached the By The Sea resort we rest for a while and began to swim...the place was nice, it was almost a private beach c0z the place is not so near of the crowded ones. before the sunset, we used to rent a banana boat however there's a problem with its machine so not all were able to try it, we just headed back to the hotel and just swim on the pool. Then we had our dinner, there was a lot of food, its like there's a feast or something...Day 1 was a bit tiring but enjoyed it.

Day 2, we had our breakfast early in the morning, then we went to Tree Top Adventure, the place was so relaxing because you will see those tall trees...we do some adventures like zipline, tree drop and canopy ride. Again this day was full of laughter and bonding moment.

Day 3, it's time to go home :-( but before we finally pack our things, we again rented for a banana boat, this time it was really ok, almost all of us were able to experience to ride the banana boat and experienced to be thrown in the sea :-) it was really first we were all afraid to be flip down in the middle of the sea because it was really deep, although we have life vest on us the feeling of not touching the ground by my feet was really scary...hahaha c0z I don't know how to swim that's why :-)

Well I can't say much on this post regarding our whole experience back there, just look at the photos and it will speak for itself :-) Now looking forward for the new year celebration!!!

Happy New Year everyone, be safe!!!


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