Friday, December 31, 2010

my last entry for 2010....

As I am doing this post I am hearing fireworks cracked here and is New Year's eve!!! Can't believe how time flies so's almost 2011. There were lots of things to be thankful for on the year 2010, how I wish I could list them all down here.

I am just thankful for all the people who made this year a wonderful one :-) you know who you are don't need to enumerate...I'm lazy doing it...hahaha :-) There's a lot of things I learned this year and I know that there's a lot more to learn on 2011. I can say that this year I am a little, yes just a little, matured on how to deal with circumstances :-) I took a step forward on my career and my lovelife...hahahaha there's so many unexpected things that happened this year.....highlights of my year 2010 was of course, my engagement *blushing* and our Christmas vacation....I wasn't even thinking that those things can actually happen this year, really our God is the God of surprises!!! I will entrust to Him the coming year 2011 and I am sure that it will be another great year ahead of me.

God Bless everyone!!! Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011...please be good to us :-)


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