Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Amnesia Girl!!

Earlier I watched this movie of Toni Gonzaga and John Lloyd Cruz, My Amnesia Girl...just in a dvd, my boyfriend bought a copy of it. I know it's late to post this because the movie was shown last Nov 2010...but I can't help to make a short review about it.

The movie was a funny love story and very light drama. John Lloyd played the role of Apollo, a bachelor whose waiting to see his true love again, while Toni Gonzaga played the role of Irene, she's a photographer in the movie. The story started when Apollo met Irene on a Speed Dating event, Apollo spotted Irene as one of his prospects but unfortunately Irene was the event photographer so she can't mingle or join the group. But Apollo can't help it, still he went to Irene's place and introduce himself using some corny yet sweet pick up lines...their relationship was almost perfect until the day of their wedding. Apollo ran away from their wedding because he's afraid of the life of a married man could be.
one of the sweetest scene (John Lloyd carry her every time it's raining so her feet wont get wet)
After 3 years, Apollo and Irene met again on a grocery, at first he was not sure if it was really Irene he's seeing, so one of his friends shout out Irene's name and so Irene look at her back, seeing Apollo and his friend lying on the ground trying to hide from her. Finally Apollo took a step towards Irene, only to find out that Irene had an amnesia after he ran away from their wedding. But after the grocery scene, we knew that Irene was only pretending to have amnesia because she was so angry with Apollo. Apollo was so eager to win her back so she made a lots of efforts to made her fall for him once again. One of the best and most romantic scene I like was when he booked for an event (Irene and her friend have a photography business), since Apollo can't invite Irene for a date, he think of booking her schedule on her birthday, Irene was so surprised knowing it was Apollo who booked them. That day was her birthday, and to her surprise they celebrated her birthday from 1 to 28 years sweet huh? Also I like the part when her whole house was covered with post-it wherein all reasons why he loves her was written on it so she could not forget. it...this made me really kilig...hahahaha

this was the scene where she's celebrating her birthday (from 1 - 28 yrs old)
After several days, Irene had fallen again to Apollo so she decided to tell him the truth that she has no amnesia. At the same time, Apollo wants to tell Irene that he was the guy who ran away from their wedding. What he did was they went to the venue of the Speed Dating event and there he re-enacted every single moment that happened and even the pick up lines he mentioned it the same as their first meeting. Finally Irene confessed that she has no amnesia, and Apollo went mad with her. Weeks passed and they really missed each other, so Apollo called Irene to say sorry, Irene was also on her way to Apollo to say sorry too. Apollo said stay where she is and he will go to her place, on his way to Irene he met an accident and when he woke up, sad to say but he suffered from traumatic amnesia :-( *sigh* so now it was Irene whose doing all the efforts to make Apollo remember her.

Here's some of the pick up lines on the movie:

"Baka hindi ka na maka uwi, bakit naman? Kasi nasa isip na kita"
"Tae ka ba? Kasi hindi kita kayang paglaruan"
"Kung ikakasal ka saan mo gusto? Ako kasi gusto ko sa tabi mo"
"Maging cactus ka man handa akong masaktan mayakap ka lang"
"Tumatangkad ka yata? Kasi dati hanggang balikat lang kita, ngyon nasa isip na kita"

And there were lots of pick up lines at the end of the movie :-)

It was a nice movie and I really enjoyed watching it, though I really don't like the ending...hahaha at first I really thought that she has an amnesia....great twist though! I also enjoyed those pick up lines they used the whole movie. It was a must see movie for me, for those who wants to be relaxed, this is the best laugh trip movie you must see...Great Job!


Anonymous said...

i have watch this very romantic..n make me cry a lot..

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