Friday, November 26, 2010

Weekend in Bangkok!

Oh my, it's almost a week from my last post...sorry guys, been so busy lately :-) Anyways, I just had a great weekend in Bangkok...though it was a very short trip I really enjoyed it! It was an incentive trip that I earned from reaching my target, hahaha how I wish I can have more of travel incentives, lol!

Nov 19 was our flight MLA-BKK at 14:55H, unfortunately our flight was 20mins delayed so instead of arriving in Bangkok by 17:10H we arrived late. I was with my office mates as they also have an incentive trip from Microsoft Phils, we were on a same flight, but unfortunately we are not seated next to each other, it was pre-seated *sigh* when we reached the airport I already left them, since they have their own tour, they will stay on a different hotel from mine...I was all by myself then! Thank God Ate Eloisa, my former church mate who already migrated there, picked me up in the airport together with Darwin, her brother, and will bring me to my hotel, she will also be my tour guide during my stay there. 

Me and Darwin on the airport link

with my office mates at NAIA

alone in the plane

me and ate eloi

welcome to Bangkok!

Before we go to the hotel, we first went to their church because that night they have a youth fellowship, so I went there and met their youths and Ptr. Chad, it was really nice meeting them, so grateful of their warm welcome, it feels like I'm part of the youth, we had a small group and have a short sharing time, it was really nice chatting with them. After that I went to their house, she needs to get some clothes because she will sleep on my hotel, met her relatives as well, they are all nice. Finally, we reached the Indra Regent Hotel almost midnight, we were so tired, so we just washed up and laid down, good thing my room has 2 beds, thought I will only have single bed in the room. We chatted for a while and went to sleep.
at the hotel

at the youth fellowship

Tumi and me

me and madeleine

me and baby Audrey

with ate eloi's relatives

cute little Audrey

me and musac

The next day, we woke up around 8am, I guess, we had our breakfast at the hotel and went out...yeheeyyy so excited to tour around!!! We ride their BTS train, we are going to the Wat (temple), to get there we need to ride a boat, so we ride ChaoPhraya express boat, we travel thru the ChaoPhraya river, then reached the Wat Pho, where you can see the reclining Buddha. It was nice knowing some of their culture and beliefs, although as a christian I don't believe into what they believe in. Of course what will I do there?? Take pictures...a lot of pictures...hahaha if you will see the picture on my last post, that picture was taken from the Internet, but now I'm actually in that right!!

chaophraya river

chaophraya express boat

Wat Pho

reclining Buddha

After that we went to another Wat, it's called Wat Arun, we again need to take a boat to cross over the river. The place was almost the same, but this time you can go up the pyramid, I don't know how they exactly call that thing. So we went up and man the stairs are soooo steep!! and each step was like knee high, I don't know how high was that, on top of it there's a cloth around the wall, wherein you can write your name, message or anything you want to write... going up was really stressful to the legs and going down was like stepping into nothing because of steepness you can't see the steps...whew! that was really fun. But when we got down I can feel that my legs are shaking, so we rest for a while.

Then we decided to go back to Siam to eat our lunch, it's almost 4pm..hahaha we ate at Siam Paragon, one of their malls, I ate KFC c0z I'm afraid to try their local food...hahaha after eating our lunch, we went back to the hotel to take some rest and charge my the evening we went to Baiyoke Sky Hotel, the tallest building in Thailand, we met Micah, ate eloi's boyfriend, Darwin and Nanay Evelyn, imagine their lobby is located at the 18th floor...WOW!! it's just the lobby...on the 77th floor they have a small museum about Thailand...we took some pictures...and finally we went up on the 84th floor!!!! There's the Revolving Deck, it goes around 360 degree for you to see the whole city, since we went there at night we just see lights from the streets and buildings....after that we ate dinner, Micah let me try Mango and sticky rice, finally a local food..hahaha it taste really good..yummy!! And that was it, we headed back to my hotel and slept alone, because the next day they have church service so they have to be there early.

mango plus sticky rice!

the first timers

at the revolving deck


Last day, Ate Eloi and Micah again picked me up, so nice of them....and bring me to the airport!!! They left me and I'll be waiting for my office mates!!! What a wonderful weekend, hope I can do that again!!


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