Thursday, November 18, 2010

Off to Bangkok tomorrow

I am so excited right now while I am writing this post. Tomorrow I will be going to Bangkok, Thailand, this will be my 2nd time to travel abroad...and surely will not be the last one :-) I will stay there for 3days 2night. I will go together with my other office mates but I will not join them because they have their own tour. This is my 1st incentive trip and I am very excited to see the tourist spots they have in Bangkok.

Aside from the beautiful spots, I am also excited to see Ate Eloisa and her family, my former church mate, they already migrated there in Bangkok, thank God because she will pick me up from the airport and will bring me to my hotel....hahaha I have no hotel-airport transfer that's why.

Ok need to sign off now, I still need to pack my things up. Will share some photos when I'm there!!


blankpixels said...

Bangkok is one of the places I want to visit as part of my bucket list. I hope you're enjoying your stay in Bangkok! :)

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