Friday, November 12, 2010


Q is for Quota....

As a sales person, we usually observe quotas to meet...and believe me it is not easy!!! For example in a month I need to reach Php 3M, but that is not a fix amount...c0z if I happen to have short fall, then I need to carry it ove to the next month....stressful huh? There's a time that I really beg and plead to my clients just for them to place their order. Sometimes I just want to give up but whenever I pray to God, He gives me strength to go on...although there are months that I really don't reach my target but I just think that I still have another month to make it and try again.

This is my entry for ABC Wednesday


Roger Owen Green said...

I would hate your job.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

nash :-) said...

hi there roger...i can't blame you...hahaha I sometimes feel the same way...but there's also an advantage being a sales person :-)

thanks for dropping by...

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