Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's a HAPPY weekend!!!

Hello my dear friends...sorry for not writing this last weekend.....well, don't worry 'c0z I have a lovely story to tell you....If you are also following my other blog which is Me.Plus.You.Equals.Forever then you  might know what I'm talking about, right??? I will not get tired to share this again and again....wanna know what it is??? Just read on....hope you'll get in love when you finished reading my story :-)

Last Sat (Nov 6) was my 25th birthday, yes I'm 25 yrs old already, getting older by age but still looking younger...hahahah.I was with my honey that day and we went to Tagaytay. We really enjoyed our stay there, we tried the Tagaytay Zipline and oh my gosh...if you are afraid of heights then that ride is not for me! We walked around the park and enjoyed the beauty of Taal Volcano and took some pictures around the park. After that, we had our lunch and walked around again. Sadly we were not able to go to the Taal crater because we only have limited budget....but still we had a great time!!

By 3pm we decided to go home already, but before we go I went to the was room to freshen up and fix my things, when I go out, I saw him on the roof deck of one cottage near the park, he called me to go there. So I went up the roof deck, and there's no other people aside from us, we I reached the top, I saw the camera on the tripod, thought we are just going to take pictures with Taal Volcano on our background. We talked about anything, and suddenly he told me that he has a gift for me....because I am so busy looking at the view, I didn't noticed that he is getting something on his pocket. Finally when I looked at him, guess what I saw??? I saw a RING! yes a ring...I was soooo surprised and didn't know what to do that moment, it feels like I am dreaming, almost want to cry....I turned back my head to the view since I can't believe what I am seeing. As i turned back my head to him, he was kneeling then, and then he asked the four-word-question "Honey, will you marry me?" And I am speechless...tears just flowed through my eyes...I was so overwhelmed to what had just happened. And the whole experience was recorded, the camera on the tripod was set on video :-)

Who would have thought that I will be engaged on my birthday??!! This was so extra special day for me. I always praise God for He is always faithful, He is the author of love. He is the one who is still writing our love story. I am so blessed to have my honey with me. He is such a nice and precious gift from God...I just love him!


♥ jenpaul ♥ said...

Congratulations Nash! happy for your engagement :) i'm sure you're excited to do the wedding plans already. Been through that, it's the exciting part! Anyway, sorry if it took long to visit your blog as i have been so busy lately. I'll add your link & follow you, hope you do the same too :) thanks for commenting on my post! :)

nash :-) said...

hi jen, thanks, yup i'm excited to plan out the wedding, but honestly didn't know where to start :-)

followed you as well...thanks for dropping by..

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