Sunday, November 14, 2010

Manny Pacquiao rules again in the boxing ring!!!

Today is like a holiday here in the Philippines, why??? Because it was Manny Pacquiao's fight versus the Mexican boxer Antonio Margarito....this is the best time to go out because there's no traffic at all!! Yes, you read it right, no traffic!! And zero crime as well...The jeepney, taxi, tricycle drivers choose to watch the fight rather than go outside and look for a passenger. Most Filipinos stays in their houses to watch the fight, others went to some venue wherein they can watch the live streaming of the fight, they went to Araneta, SM Cinemas, gymnasiums, restaurants etc. One example was my Tito and his family, my Mama and Papa, my other Tito and cousin, they went to SM Trinoma to watch the fight far, it's worth the price!

It's good to see that even foreigners are betting for Manny to win, it only shows that Manny is really the champion of this generation when it comes to boxing. I am not an avid fan though, however it is nice to watch his fight just to catch up everybody's story...hahaha believe me if you don't watch the fight then the next day you can't talk to anybody because everybody is talking about the fight, am I right? So if you do not want to be out of place, better watch it...hahah!! You'll enjoy it anyway! Everybody's excited about the fight, everybody's hoping that Manny will again bring home the bacon and he did not disappoints the Filipino people once again...he won the fight! Wohoooo!!!

There's so many reasons why we should be proud being a Filipino and this is one of those!!! Congratulations Manny Pacquiao!!!


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