Friday, October 22, 2010

Tired but Happy!!!

Friday is obviously my favorite day of the week, c0z tomorrow is Saturday and I can sleep until 12nn hahaha, but tomorrow we are going to Island Cove in Cavite, there's a Family Day in my sister's company, so we are all going there.

I was very tired the whole week because I had series of meetings with our clients and I need to reach my target *sigh*, my target is as high as the mountain top, but I'm not losing hope because I know that by faith I can move mountains, many things went well this week for our group (consumer group) some are work related and some are personal matters.

I am tired but happy because finally I was able to book our flight going to Bangkok Thailand next month. This was an incentive trip for me that was supposedly last May then moved to July then moved to Nov (I almost lose hope that I can still get it), supposed to be it's a Hongkong trip, but the budget was very tight and the cost of going there is expensive since it's peak season. So we decided to look for another destination and end up with Bangkok. I am very excited, that summarize what I feel right now.

Oooppsss...I remember I still haven't fixed my things yet, we will be leaving the house by 5am c0z we need to be at the meeting place by 6am tomorrow. Hopefully it will not rain that hard, but I'd like it to be cloudy instead of too much sun.


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