Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Transit of Venus

When I was a kid, I really love to read books about planets and solar systems. I even had this book entitled "Discovering the Universe" in which  read many times. I don't know why I am really such a big fan of those beautiful creation of God. Everytime I look at the sky and see the stars I am always amazed.

Today June 6, 2012 was one of the historical astro event again, aside from the eclipse that last month, today is what they call "The Transit" in which planet Venus will cross between the Sun and Earth, it was somehow like an eclipse, but it will not be dark because the planet Venus is just a small one, so it will only look like a small dot on the Sun. The transit started 6am today and will end by 12nn. You can't look directly to the Sun so you need filters before you can see the transit. I tried to look at the Sun early this morning while walking going to the office but I just can't look at the Sun, hahahaha.

Thanks to Sir Azrael Coladilla of Azrael's Merryland for sharing the live streaming website of NASA, here's the link of the live streaming I want to see it because it only happens every 105 years, the next transit will happen on year 2117.....see I'm sure that no one living today will be able to see the next transit....hahaha

It was so nice to see this kind of event when you know that it will happen again after a century. It was a privilege to view and witness such amazing astro event. God never fails to amaze me everytime.


Azrael Deasis Coladilla said...

thanks too for sharing this in your blog.

nash :-) said...

awww Sir Az thanks for visitng my bolg :-)

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