Sunday, June 19, 2011

Today is Father's Day. Of course it would be unfair if I will not do a post for my Papa like I did for Mama...hahaha am I right? So you wanna know something about my Dad? Ok then read on...

By the way, here's my status on my greatest teacher in life don't have the degree for teaching, he just teach me based on his life experiences; lessons I've learned can't be seen in books nor can be read on magazines...he has given me advices that taught me how to be good enough to survive in this world...he showed me how wonderful life can greatest Papa! Happy Father's Day!

My Dad is a typical father who wants the best for his children, and since we are all 3 girls you can't blame if he's a little bit over protective with us....well he's just making sure that we are always safe and in good conditions. Here's some of the best things I love about him:

1. He's a cool dad, and the joker in the family. Even if we have a problem you will always see him smiling and being positive in all circumstances. He always makes us laugh till we drop...hahahah

2. He's super caring. I don't remember a time when we got sick and he doesn't took care of us. Well of course our mom would do the same, but my dad was the one waking up in the midst of the night to check if we are already ok.

3. He's my adviser. Whenever we do a heart to heart talk, you will know how good he was in giving out advice. A man full of wisdom.

4. Lastly, he's our provider. My Dad will always make sure that we are to get all our needs. 

Nothing in this world can compare to your greatness as our father. Words are really not enough to say thank you to all the sacrifices you have done.

Happy Father's Day Papa!!!


Akoni said...

nakakaiyak ang mga post ngayon...hehe..naeeksayt me tuloy na maging ama..Happy Papa's day Nash..:)

Anonymous said...

ang cute ng paglalarawan mo sa daddy mo.. hehe! tama ang mga daddy ay provider.. i miss u nash

happy father's day sa tatay mo nash.

nash :-) said...

hahaha uu nga nkkaiyak mga posts...happy dad's day also...kelan ka ba magiging ama??? hehehe

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