Sunday, June 12, 2011

Oh's almost a month!!!

OMG, am I that busy??? hahahah I can't believe my last post was May 17, it's almost a month already. Am I really busy or there's really nothing to post....hahahaha I think I'm just a busy girl lately :-)
Well after my trip to Baguio, I felt like everything is fast forward...days have been very fast, you wake up and then it's end of the month already. Let me think what happened to me during those days??? hmmm *thinking* Oh last week of May, I received another book from Booksneeze entitled "Couples Who Pray, The Most Intimate Act Between a Man and Woman" by Squire Rushnell, Louise DuArt, you can check out my brief review HERE, 'coz I'm still reading on it :-)

I've been very busy because I'm one of the planning committee for our church (Manila Faith Assembly of God) anniversary this June, and's very stressful...those people who are with me that day can relate to what I'm talking about...I want to explode that day, but thank God everything went in place up to the last minute. The opening celebration was simple yet festive. Then last June 8-10, we had our church revival. And just yesterday we had our Dental Mission....truly God's greatness is immeasurable in our lives and in Manila Faith. There's many more activities coming up this June, so for those who are near Manila Faith you can join us in our celebration.

During the last week also, we received a text from Alakim, the butterfly magician of PGT, that his baby died after it was removed from his wife's womb, his baby is only 7months and his wife was critical during that day. We went to St. Luke's Hospital in Global City to visit them and see how's the condition of his wife. Thank God that night his wife is recovering fast, also he just finished his interview with SNN that night. Not to forget we also watched "Xmen First Class" last week. It was a nice movie :-)
Last night we went to Nueva Ecija, our province, we visited our grandparents and other relatives, we went to the farm, and the air is so fresh, it's really different from our air here in metro...hahahah if only I could stay there and live a simple life.

What a busy life??? Hope I catch up with you guys :-)


dadedidhodong said...

Whoa! What a busy life but I know with God's grace everything will be fine.

I've always wanted to live in our province too someday. I already made plan for it and it was FIXED. Haha!

God bless...

Jaylan jahziel gutierrez said...

Well done.....

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