Thursday, February 10, 2011

Having a Safe Trip!

This past few days many people are into buying cars maybe because fares are getting higher again and again, but people sometimes don't realize that it is much harder to maintain a car than to commute...hahaha that's from a commuter's point of view, that's me. Of course there's an advantages and disadvantages of having and not having a car, but I will not list them one by one. Some of my friends who has a car actually have dillema when their cars are being brought to a mechanic or auto repair shop because of some engine failures such as aircon failure, overheating, break failure etc.

Because of those dillemas many businessmen out there tried their luck in putting up an auto repair shop and some of them are located at Dallas auto repair where you can find the best solution when it comes to break job, overhauling, fixing the airflow of vents when using A/C, repairing water leaks and many more services.

You don't want to experience some road accidents do you? All of us wants to have a safe travel anytime whether you are riding a bus, train, jeepney, taxi or you are driving your favorite Chevrolet Silverado. And if your car is in good condition then you can be sure that indeed it is a SAFE TRIP!


sarah said...

hahahah. pareho tayong nakuha ng blogsvertise dito.

nash :-) said...

uu nga eh ang saya :-)

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