Thursday, February 3, 2011

God's blessings are overflowing!!

Time flies really fast, January was done and it was a close book already. Again I've seen God's blessings overflowing and pouring out on me :-) This month I was able to reach my quota for the month, for me it was really unreachable but for God nothing is impossible. Just like the theme of our church "GOD IS ALWAYS GREATER" it means that he is greater than my target, greater than my difficulties, greater than my expenses, greater than my endeavors etc. 

It is so comforting to know that God is greater than anything else, and that He is always there ready to pour out His blessings to those who will ask for it. In the book that I am reading now, will make review on the following days, it says that "you don't have it because you don't ask for it", sometimes we need to ask God what we need so He will give it to us, we all know that He is the all knowing God but we still need to ask for His blessings. 

Often times we were told in the church that we need to empty our cups so the Lord can fill it up and pour out His blessings, I know this month I ask God to help me to reach my target and so it happened, everyday I am asking Him to keep me safe and so He did....see guys we need to ask...go and don't be shy, our God is a generous God, He can give all things in this planet because He owns everything, we just have to check our heart upon asking Him. Our hearts must be pure and with right motives when we ask for things we want because our God is a generous God but He will not tolerate us if He thinks that the one we are asking for is not really what we need but rather that's what we want.

We don't have do worry everyday as the birds don't worry what to eat. The Lord feeds them everyday and provide their needs, we are more important than those birds so never think that the Lord will not be able to provide us with our needs. He is our provider always remember that. His grace is always sufficient for us.

Cheer up, God loves us!!! God bless everyone, have a good night sleep :-)


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