Monday, November 1, 2010

Blogging 101

Last Sunday after the service at church, me and my best friend Lady went to SM to blog....well, as I mentioned on my previous post, I influenced her to make her own blog, and so I am here teaching her a little bit of what I know about blogging....hahahaha since I just started on this new hobby, I was only able to teach her some of my new learning from my  friend, Sarj (she's the one who influenced me) and from my own research as well...

At first we went to SM Food court, since the mall is free WIFI, we can just sit anywhere to access it...we started to log in, but after 10 to 15 minutes we decided to go to Starbucks because we can't focus c0z there were so many people that time because it's Halloween and there's a Halloween contest that day, I saw kids on their scary nice to see kids going to every boutique doing come I wasn't able to experience that..hmmmm

Finally when we are at Starbucks, it was quiet, just so fine for us to think of the things we wanted to post, it's easy to organize the thoughts scattered on our minds...but before we start doing some post....we were chatting with our friend, Mac Mac, who was residing in US now, he was at his friends place that time and we tried to do video chat, but unfortunately it was not working, so he just tried to call our computer using YM, good thing I brought my headset and my laptop has a built in microphone, so we were able to talk.

After an hour, he decided to go home c0z it's kinda late, it's 1:30am there, so Lady finally start doing her the way you can check out her blog at Wonderful World of Mine :-) and while she's composing her post, I was talking to Mac Mac, he was home then so he just decided to call my mobile phone thru their landline....hahaha hopefully not too expensive phone bill...

busy composing her post

After publishing her post, we went home already....hahaha its almost 6pm....nice blogging hang out with my best friend....I bet there will be more hang out like this....till next time guys!


Anonymous said...

toink, got an award for you girl =)

nash :-) said...

thank you girl :-)

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