Saturday, October 30, 2010

Beautiful People

This week has been very tough week for me, because it's our month end, and it only means that I need to reach my monthly target...sadly it didn't happen. But I'm excited for the next month, because we will be getting all the deals done by hook or by crook :-)
So much for that, last night I had a great time with my friends, we had dinner @ Pizza Hut and took some coffee @ Starbucks. Though it was a short period of time, it was really fun...full of laughter, teasing moments, love stories etc...

Enjoyed our dinner @ Pizza Hut, sorry I just have some few pictures from my phone and I wasn't able to take pictures of the other side of the table..hahaha so its all Gary, Eunice, Jerem and Kirby. We asked one waiter to take a picture of the whole group but unfortunately it was BLURRED! so I didn't mind posting it here. We were 9 at first, Ate Angie and her boyfriend (sorry no pictures of them) Lady, Ronron, Gary, Eunice, Kirby, Jerem and me, then MC and Czerina followed.

lovely couples: Gary & Eunice, Jerem & Kirby
 Our next stop: Starbucks...Ate Angie and her boyfriend went home already...I bet Ronron was the one who enjoyed this part the most, why??? Because of his sponsors namely MC and Czerina...hahahaha, want some proofs

I am happy to be with beautiful people(inside and out) that night, I was able to forget that I didn't reached my target...hahaha I really miss hanging out with them, they were my buddies during my YM days (youth ministry in our church).

me and lady
Lady was my best girlfriend for almost 10yrs now, definitely we shared a lot of things already. Until now we were able to keep the friendship and see to it that once in a while we hang out :-) just to update on each others life...and just last week, I influenced her to create her new she made one :-) It's check on it, but it's a work on progress so, you might see just a few post for now. Girl I made a free ads for your owe me one!

Kirby and Jerem
Such a sweet couple I must say, they are getting married this coming December, I'm so happy for both of them, I was able to witness their sweet beginning as a couple :-) They are both jolly, sweet, intelligent individuals, that's why I can say that they are a perfect match...really!! See you soon.

from left: MC, Czerina, Kirby, Jerem, Ronron, Me, Lady, Gary and Eunice

 Finally a group picture that's not blurred, hahaha...we have been very busy with our works and other stuff this past few years so we don't have the time to hang out, thanks to Gary for inviting us...hope there will be next time :-)


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