Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Exercised my right!

I wasn't able to blog yesterday c0z I'm having dysmenorhea, and I really hate it! It hurts so much! Anyways, that's not my topic, yesterday was the Barangay Election, at first I am thinking of not voting simply because I really don't see any progress in our community, I am wondering, if I vote would there be any difference? will the candidates that I will vote will do their part in our Barangay?

"Vote Wisely" common phrase that you will hear during this season, but how can you wisely vote if you don't know who is running for what? kinda hard right??? So I am really hesitant to vote until mid of the day. My uncle keeps on pulling me to go with him and vote.

But at the end, I went to my designated precinct and voted, the voting process was fast and we didn't wait that long for our turn, in fact when we reached the room, where our name was listed, there was no line of voters, so I got my ballot box and filled up the blank, although some of the names I wrote on my ballot box was from my uncle's list, simply because I don't know who to vote, hahaha, I then realized that voting is one of my right as a person, that I have the right to choose who I want to lead our community, and who I think has the potential to even try to make our community a nice place to live in.

Well, hopefully they will do their part, c0z I've done mine :-) At least I can say that I let my voice be heard this election day!!!


Dennis said...

best.. ballot box na binibigay ngayon para fill-up? hindi na ballot paper? d ba masyadong malaki un? XD

nash :-) said...

best sorry naman, tao lang nagkakamali...hehehehe :-)

nash :-) said...

best sana naiintindihan ko ung blog mo, pwede paki translate sa english....waahahaha

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