Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Energizer & Nuffnang bring you "The Amazing Spiderman"

Energizer and Nuffnang power my life through giving their world class products and long lasting services. Energizer has always been a choice when it comes to long lasting batteries, I'm using an energizer  battery on my camera, I believe as a blogger I need to capture those precious moments during events or even if its just an ordinary day. This will help me share with my readers the experience and adventures I have. I can only bring the best of stories if I can share more photos and I can only do that if I have my camera with me :-)

"Makers of the World’s Longest Lasting Batteries"

It power up my lifestyle because it gives me more energy to capture more memorable moments in my life knowing that my camera will never leave me with a dead battery. It always keep me on the go! There's no hindrance to discover more and live more, I'm just limitless!!!

Nuffnang on the other hand power up my lifestyle because it keeps me updated on the latest trends on anything under the sun, being a Nuffnanger has always been so amazing. Nuffnangers are full of energy when we see each other during events, story left and right, meet new friends, learn something new from their posts/articles, it was just AWESOME!!!

Energizer celebrates it's 10th year anniversary of being the "Makers of the World's Longest Lasting Batteries"


Dave Pascht said...

nice post.. :)

nash :-) said...

thanks Dave :-)

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