Saturday, August 13, 2011

We Are On FIRE!!!

Last August 6, Musicians on Fire(MOF) celebrated their 8th years, as part of their celebration they held a concert entitled "SUNOG" at Amoranto Theater in Quezon City. The concert started around 2pm and when we arrived we saw some of the praise and worship bands rehearsing. There were some souvenirs that can be bought in the event venue such as dog tag, boler, tshirts and pins. (*credits to Olah for all the photos used on this post)

My fiance and his band AO1 (Audience of One) was also one of the praise and worship team performed in the concert. It was really a blessed night, a night of worship and celebration of God's goodness. People from different churches came to worship God together and as one body. We were able to see some of our friends from other churches attended the event as well.

AO1 band
Jabez Band
MOF Band
Barbie Almalbis
The Finale - MOF Pioneers
It was so refreshing hearing different songs of praise may it be slow or fast or even a metalic rock, every genre of music was used to glorify the Lord. People who attended the concert don't only recharged physically but also spiritually, because before every band there's a short exhortation that really lifted up our spirit and keep our fire burning. From children to oldies but goodies are ready to worship the Lord. There were no chairs on the venue so people can freely do what they want. People were dancing, jumping, shouting was really fun!!!
Ptr. Franklin Benitez
Can you imagine we started by 2pm and finished around 9.30pm, but still we were all full of energy and felt like it was not enough and we still want for more, sadly the venue was only rented until 9pm so we really need to go.Nothing really can stop the Lord in pouring out His blessings to the people who loves Him. 

Glory to God and see you next anniversary (sa Araneta naman dw!) Keep the fire burning!!!


Sey said...

that's the spirit. glad you had a great time. never been on a concert like that before but I am crossing my fingers to attend one in the future.

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