Monday, August 1, 2011

Book Review: Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin, by Eduardo O. Roberto Jr.

Do you always complain because your money doesn't seem to be enough to buy all the things that you need or you want? Well I think most of us are having that problem, managing our finances.
Last week a colleague of mine bought a book that caught my attention. I was a fan of books that will help me manage my finances. This book is entitled "Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin" written by Eduardo O. Roberto Jr. This was a 97 page book which will teach you how to manage your money so you will have enough for your needs and wants as well. As soon as I saw the book, I don't have a second thought of buying my own copy, by the way it only costs P50, very affordable right.

Even though it was a thin book. It is very rich on tips and guides on how you can save money. It also have cool illustrations that add up to the excitement of the readers. Also the author has a sense of humor, he used Tag-lish language, but mostly Tagalog, maybe because he wants his reader to fully understand all the strategies that he will discuss on the book. He also mentioned that, he made his books affordable because he wants everyone to afford to buy his book for him to help the people who are much in need of this strategies.

Also what I loved about this book was, all his principles have a supporting verse in the bible which gives strong foundation that you can follow everyday.

Let me share with you the 7 Strategies he mentioned in the book:
1. Save - use the "Automatic Millionaire" savings system. It was discussed on the first chapter of the book.
2. Give - Honor the Lord and give back with a joyful heart. be generous to your family and to the poor.
3. Get out of debt and stop borrowing - enough of borrowing, cash advance and over spending.
4. live Simply - Be Frugal (matipid). Keep your expenses less than your income.
5. Work hard and be an Entrepreneur - start your own business or be enterprising.
6. Made some Investments - but investigate first to avoid become a victim of scams.
7. Educate yourself - keep on learning and pray for wisdom. Read books and attend seminars to acquire new skills and learn new things.

I can't share the whole book here in my blog, so I would recommend you to buy this book because I believe that this book can give us financial freedom. I have no commissions on the sales of this book that's for real...all I want is to help my friends and other people who are looking for ways on how to manage their finances, and so this book is for all of us.

Happy Reading!!! 


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