Thursday, August 4, 2011

Being A Nuffnang Blogger is the Hottest Thing Since I Started My Blogging Career!

I am just a "baby blogger" I must say because I've lots of things to learn when it come sto blogging. I started venturing the blogsphere October last year...oooppss almost 2months to go and it's my blogversarry already...wootwoot.

Being a blogger is hot BUT being a Nuffnang Blogger is HOTTEST. Why? Because if you are a Nuffnang blogger I am sure that you always know the latest trending may it be on fashion, movies, products etc. I was able to know what are "IN" or "OUT" now a days. Some of the manufacturers launched their new products via Nuffnang, so it is Hottest to know the latest first hand. Also it is Hottest when you have to watched a much awaited movies for FREE, isn't it HOT!!!

Just a proof on what's latest is the Pizza Hut's Hot on the Dot delivery which provides you with a sticker that proves you get your pizza hot and on time.

Pizza Hut now offers Hot on the Dot Pizza deliveries: 30 minutes AND hot (as indicated by the thermally activated sticker you place on the pizza box upon receiving your pizza) or your pizza is FREE!

Want to test if it's true? Then dial 911-11-11 if you want your pizzas Hot on the Dot!


fyhmd said...

What is a Nuffnang blogger? Do you have more information about this kind of blogging? Thanks.

nash :-) said...

hello there thanks for visiting my blogs :-)

Nuffnang is a blog advertising community...for more info you can check out their website

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