Saturday, March 19, 2011

You Can Help Japan!

Help Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Victims

A week ago the whole world was shocked to what happened in Japan. After a 8.9 magnitude of earthquake a huge tsunami has washed away many houses, cars, buildings and people. I was in the office when that tragedy happened, and watching news online. It really made me so sad, seeing how the water washed away that part of Japan.

The devastation in Japan is simply horrific. The death toll is rising by hour, I heard in local news that 7,000 people were dead and 10,000 are still missing, more than 450,000 people have been displaced, and millions lack access to food, water, electricity and medicine. And as the rescue and relief workers struggle to operate around the clock, Japan must also content with partial meltdowns and escalating risk of even worse catastrophe at several nuclear reactions

Many countries right now are extending their help to Japan by sending volunteers for the search and rescue operations. Each one of us can help Japan, in our own little way. Your small help can console the victims of tsunami and quake. Let us all help Japan earthquake and tsunami victims by giving donations in one of this organizations:

American Red Cross
Doctors Without Borders
Just Giving
International Medical Corps
Salvation Army
Global Giving

Japan is in need of our help right now, if we can't be there to help in search and rescue operations, there are other ways and means we could help.

By registering this post at PostNjoy, they will give $2 donations, and for me this is the best way I can do to help our brothers and sisters in Japan. If you would also like to help them just go to PostNjJy website and create a post like this one.

"Lord please comfort our brothers and sisters in Japan, give them hope and strength as they face this kind of crisis right now. We believe that you are greater than anything else, you can control everything. Continue to protect them from radiation. Provide all their needs as the start a new life. This is our prayer in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.


Pinoy Adventurista said...

thanks for sharing...

musingan said...

mashallah... japan is extremely in calamities now...

nash :-) said...

no prob pinoy adventurista, pls support the campaign

musingan, yeah they really in need of our help

Sey said...

that is a nice way to help. Any help counts especially now that they are in dire need of our help.

nash :-) said...

very true Sey, every centavo can help people in Japan to start all over again

Welcome back :-)

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